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Key features:

Animate & control objects or cameras with full 6 D.O.F. using your TrackIR!
Control the CINEMA 4D Editor Camera

TrackIR Xtension


The TrackIR Pro is an infrared ‘head tracker’.  It is commonly used by gamers to add the sensation of looking around. Although it is limited in range, it is a very nice device to generate and capture motion.

We've tested the Track IR 4 and 5 Pro together with the additional Trackclip Pro device, which is also fully compatible with Camera GripTools.
You can find a Video Tutorial on our website about the GripTools 6 D.O.F. Handheld mode. This video covers how to use the Track IR.

Watch the TrackIR video
Click here to go to the NaturalPoint website
Read more about Camera GripTools features


TrackIR Xtension (Demo)
TrackIR Xtension
Support Naturalpoint TrackIR 4, 5, TrackClip Pro
Recording (keyframes)



System Requirements
  TrackIR Xtension for Camera GripTools
*Operating system:

> Microsoft Windows XP and up (+ DirectX 9.0c and up)
Works with C4D in 32 bit mode only (does run in both Win 32/64bit)

Naturalpoint TrackIR Drivers must be installed

Hardware: TrackIR 4, 5, TrackClip Pro
Plugin for: