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Key features:

Animate & control objects or cameras with common devices like Joysticks, steering wheels, and more!
Control the CINEMA 4D Editor Camera with your device
Use the buttons on your device to control CINEMA 4D

Joystick (HID) Xtension


The GripTools HID Xtension enables you to control cameras and other objects with game controller hardware. There are hundreds of compatible devices, available in nearly any (local) computer store. Have a look at the gaming/simulation department.

Steering wheels, Joysticks and gamepads are examples of HID-compliant (USB) game controllers.

Connect a device (or more) to your PC or Mac, Start CINEMA 4D with GripTools and soon you’ll have recorded some great motion tracks!
The best part is that your work will become very spontaneous and natural, with a realistic look.
Much better than you would ever create manually with mouse and keyframes.


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To find out if your device works with this Xtension, download the free Camera GripTools demo version here!

*Note: The SONY SIXAXIS series, like the DUALSHOCK, the SONY MOVE controller, The Microsoft Kinect,  and the NINTENDO Wiimote (on Windows) controller are not supported by this HID Xtension. These are brand and hardware specific input devices and are not HID-compliant.

It's possible to use the Wiimote with this Xtension on the Mac:

Read more using the Wiimote on the Mac


HID Xtension (Demo)
HID Xtension
Support for standard (HID compliant) game controllers
Max. number of device axes
Max. number of device buttons
Max. number of devices
Recording (keyframes)

mac / win
mac / win


System Requirements
  HID Xtension for Camera GripTools
*Operating system:

mac Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Works with C4D in both 32 and 64 bit mode (Universal Binary)

> Microsoft Windows XP and up (+ DirectX 9.0c and up)
Works with C4D in 32 bit mode only (does run in both Win 32/64bit)


Hardware: HID-compliant game controllers like Joysticks, Steering wheels and more.
Plugin for: